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The Decline of MySQL

daleV, of Geek Gumbo, presents an interesting take on the impending decline of MySQL.

Look for Oracle not to drop it’s Open Source version after 2015. It will keep a stripped down version available to entice new users to their revenue stream when they need to upgrade, and to claim they still support the Open Source community. The prices for MySQL will steadily climb. This will kill MySQL as the database of choice for web development. Look for MySQL to decline in use.

Ever climbing license costs, “paid-only” versions of MySQL Workbench and other tools along with the lack of “Basic” and “Silver” level support pretty much sums up the basis for the prediction. He ends with the following nugget:

This reminds me of the old quote, first uttered in 1422 at the coronation of French King Charles VII, after the death of his father, Charles VI, “The King is dead. Long live the King.” Just maybe we’re a bit premature, but we see it coming.